Dallas County Promise

Achieving More Equitable College and Workforce Outcomes


In response to the need for stronger and more equitable college and workforce outcomes, a broad coalition of school districts, colleges, universities, employers and communities came together to launch Dallas County Promise in 2018. NVision has provided strategic counsel to program leadership and stakeholders to help achieve the coalition’s goal of helping more Dallas County students complete college and begin their careers.


NVision’s counsel has spanned a spectrum of issues – from streamlining college enrollment with the concept of the Enrollment Fast Pass, which many institutions are now adopting, to expanding the program’s mission of building a college-going culture with the concept of the “You have been accepted letter,” where students from all Dallas counties receive a letter from seven college presidents notifying them that they have a seat at one of their institutions. This motivating approach, initiated during the height of the pandemic, was initially outbound to over 10,000 students and has now been adopted as part of the regular program. NVision’s strategic counsel also has led to the development of new approaches such as the CollegeWorks program and OMW (On My Way) Transfer Student marketing. Most recently, NVision supported the redesign/relaunch of the Dallas County Promise website, streamlining the site and improving access to the program’s many resources for students and parents.


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