NVision Virtual Event Experience


Virtual Event Platform

Are your College & Career fairs failing to fully engage your students?

Experience interaction and engagement with your students on our 100% virtual platform!

100% virtual conference-style experience

Interactive and engaging — Multiple channels and built-in tools for communication, polling and gamification

Easily customized to fit your needs – From presentations and workshops to booths and lounges

Turnkey – You determine your agenda and speakers, and NVision handles all the set up, hosting and reporting



Make the right first impression by greeting attendees with a welcome video when they first enter the portal lobby.

From here, they can view the event agenda, add events to their calendar, view past session recordings and even click to directly join live sessions.

The lobby can be configured in several different ways depending on your needs.

Session Types

Hold live presentations and workshops with the platform’s video conferencing studio, or pre-record content and have it queued to air at specific times. No matter what format you prefer, all sessions can be recorded for attendees to view after their live airtime.

Important sessions can also be set to play on a designated “main stage” section of the portal.

booths & Lounges

Set up conference booths that provide everything you’d expect at a typical in-person fair – and then some – with downloadable files, video playlists, live streams, 1-on-1 chats, and meeting request functionalities available to your team.

Promote interaction among attendees through speed-networking mini-events or customizable social lounges.

Turnkey Service

Work with our team to plan your event. Then sit back while we build your custom event based on your needs. We’ll provide virtual platform training for your speakers, panelists, moderators, and event staff.

During your event, you’ll have dedicated technical support from our team to make sure everything runs smoothly for you, your team, and your attendees.

Built-in Engagement

Heighten engagement with gamification features that allow you to hold challenges that reward specific actions taken on the platform during your event, with point totals tracked on a lobby leaderboard.

Find out more about your attendees’ needs and get them information quickly by utilizing built-in features like polls, Q&A’s, and text chats – in the lobby as well as in individual sessions and booths.

Advanced analytics

After the event, receive in-depth analytics on registrations, attendee interests and level of engagement, and session performance, so that you can optimize your post-event follow-up and future events.

This includes detailed reports on time spent in sessions, which files were downloaded/viewed, link click rates, registration question/polling results, and more.

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